Top Ten Tips for Beginners

  1. Position
    Get a comfortable position on your bike that’s not too cramped or stretched. Ask for advice from a good bike shop or an experienced cyclist.
  2. Clothing
    Cycle clothing can be expensive but a good pair of cycling shorts is important and can save much of the discomfort!
  3. Gears
    Most bikes now have a good selection of gears, but most beginners push too heavy a gear ratio. Select a gear that allows you to spin your legs freely, especially up hills.
  4. Tyre Pressure
    A common error among beginners is cycling on soft tyres. Pump them hard and they are much easier to push !
  5. Food
    Eat a light breakfast ideally 1 to 2 hours before your cycle. Don’t stuff yourself – “ a little and often along the way ” is a good cycling motto.
  6. Drink
    Be well hydrated before the cycle and drink regularly along the way. Don’t use fizzy drinks – there are good sports drinks on the market that will keep your energy levels up – if not use plain water.
  7. Brakes
    A common mistake among beginners is to pull one brake only while cornering and fall off. You should pull the two brakes evenly together before the turn.
  8. Wind
    Cycling alone into a strong headwind is the hardest type of cycling. Practice cycling in a group and keep as close together as possible. “Sitting” in someone’s slipstream is so much easier you will be amazed!!
  9. Crashes
    Most beginners crash by knocking off each other! Stay alert, watch out for upcoming danger and brake in time. When cycling in a group, warn each other of potholes or other dangers.
  10. Helmets
    Always wear your helmet, even when on a short training spin.